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campus. dominic cain reports on how the events unfolded in that area of watertown. [gunfire] >> gunbattle overnight in watertown, massachusetts. police had been alerted to reports of an earlier shooting and carjacking. when they arrived on scene, they were fired on. officers say they think they found the gunman who carried out the boston bombing. >> we believe these are the same individuals as possible for the bombing on monday of the boston marathon. we believe they are the risk -- they are responsible for the death of an mit police officer. this is a serious situation we are dealing with. >> people described seeing and hearing the suspects throwing explosives at police and opening fire. >> you heard a loud boom and then a rapid succession of pop, pop, pop. it's out of like automatic weapons. then i heard a second explosion, and there was the smell of something burning in the air. >> one man who lives close to the incident got a clear view of the suspects. >> they also had what looked to be like a pressure cooker bomb, and i had about as clear a line of view of that from about 30 to 40 f
, john mccain, some real republicans, conservatives leading the way on the other side. so this issue will dominate the congress over the next couple of weeks, next couple of months. and i think has a very good chance of moving forward and actually getting passed. but there will be and is significant opposition on the right, still rubio wth allis tea party credentials is going to have to go in and make the case to republicans who have opposed moving forward on anything that would give a path to citizenship, a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. and he's going to have to go and convince these republicans to support it. >> so you come to the white house to be the white house correspondent for abc, doing a really amazingly good job covering the congress. tell me how you see the obama administration with these problems facing it, and having won the election that it did. and having sworn to the mantra th eltions have consequences. >> well, it's interestingment because covering the hill, what i heard from certainly republicans but also from rep-- democrats, was that this white
-wing journalists dominating the show. the extends beyond john mccain and the elected political leaders. >> you expect it from 230ks fox. fox news sunday, if you watch and i think chris wallace does an excellent job by the way. but if you tune in to fox news sunday, you expect to get a right-wing slant on the day's news. right? but on "this week" or on face the nation or meet the press. >> yeah. it's not what you expect. >> they have a reputation for being fair and right down -- right down the middle. right? they are not by either way. % what you are saying is, in fact, they are. >> that's right. in terms of the guests that are getting on the show. >> right. >> we are not getting a balance. this study here we are talking about goes back to the beginning of the year but media matters looked at this several years ago and found the same thing. so this isn't a new issue. this is something going back five years ago, the data tells the same story, that it's conservative journalists conservative elected officials dominating our sunday morning news shows. >> is cnn any bett
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)